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Hello. I am Dr. Cristy Lopez. I am a clinical psychologist who conducts comprehensive psychological evaluations to help those going through the immigration process. I typically spend 5 to 7 hours with you so I can detail your history and unique circumstances that may make you particularly vulnerable to experiencing extreme hardship.

In addition to interview, you will also complete questionnaires as well as bring any written supporting evidence that you may have. Reports are typically between 8-10 pages and are then sent to your attorney for review. I also provide comprehensive evaluations for those applying for a U visa or under VAWA.

Call me at 602 323-7824 or ask your attorney to see if adding a comprehensive psychological evaluation may strengthen your application.

What Attorneys are saying about Dr. Lopez

As an immigration attorney, I have collaborated with Dr. Lopez on numerous cases over the last four years.

Her work has always been excellent. Dr. Lopez is diligent, conscious, and highly professional.

Every client I have sent to her for a psychological evaluation has been very happy with the finished product. She really bends over backwards to help her patients.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Dr. Lopez to strengthen my immigration cases because she knows what she is doing and she truly cares.

Daniel Lubarsky-Ford, Esq.
Lubarsky-Ford, PLLC


It is a pleasure to recommend Dr. Cristy Lopez, Ph.D. in conducting Immigration Evaluations in support of a 601 A waiver.

Dr. Lopez has conducted evaluation for several of our clients, all whom have been very pleased. Her willingness to thoroughly obtain information on client’s background makes tremendous impact on the reports.

I can recommend Dr. Lopez, and will be glad to be contacted if further information is desired…..

Lizeth Loya, CFO & ELA
Law Office of Zayed AI-Sayyed, PLLC

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