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Meet Dr. Cristy Lopez

Dr. Cristy Lopez has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and serves as a treating psychologist for guests from Arizona. Similarly, she served this role for Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. Dr. Lopez also was featured on the reality TV series Downsized and has been seen on CBS, WEtv, and bio. among other media outlets.

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Is Therapy For the Strong or Weak Minded?

Do you know whether you are strong or weak minded? This short article will give you some insights into how you can determine your answer and why.

There is a common belief that the strong-minded do not need therapy. That it is only the weak minded who need therapy.

The following are 4 of the biggest myths about participating in therapy:

1. Admitting to having a problem(s) is weak.
2. Asking for help is weak.
3. The therapist is the one who is going to fix me.
4. I must not be good enough, if I still need to continue to go to therapy.

In fact, actively participating in therapy is the furthest from being weak.

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10 Ways to Protect Your Marriage from the Stress of Financial Troubles

“Arguments about money [are] by far the top predictor of divorce,” according to Sonya Britt, a Kansas State University researcher. “It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It’s money — for both men and women.” The study, titled “Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce,” used longitudinal data from the National Survey of Families and Households to examine how financial well-being, financial disagreements, and perceptions of financial inequity were associated with the likelihood of divorce.

Although financial troubles often lead to increased stress and arguments, this need not jeopardize your marriage. Below are 10 tips that may help to prevent the stress of financial troubles from negatively affecting your relationship.

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