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Cristy Lopez, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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Meet Dr. Cristy Lopez

I have appeared on the Dr. Phil show and serve as a treating psychologist for guests from Arizona. I similarly served this role for Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. I have been featured on the reality TV series Downsized, serve as a regular guest expert, and have been seen on CBS, WEtv, and bio. among other media outlets.

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Dr. Lopez, Phoenix is lucky to have you.

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Your Playbook for Personal Power and Freedom!

There is no reason why anyone needs to be stuck. If you do the work, things will change! Call Dr. Lopez at 602 323-7824 to get started today!

The 3 Critical Questions That Most Can’t Answer!

On this initial episode of the Growth to Freedom Show: @dan_kuschell @CristyLopezPhD discuss the 3 critical questions that most can’t answer! Contact Dr. Lopez at 602 323-7824 if you would like her to help you become clear and confident in your answers so you can better achieve the success and contentment you deserve.

How Do You Deal With Loss And Adversity?

Everyone has to deal with loss and adversity, some more than others. @Dan_Kuschell and @CristyLopezPhD discuss tips, techniques, and strategies to help you handle adversity and move forward with loss. Call Dr. Lopez at 602 323-7824 if you would like her to help you with your personal losses and adversities, so you can move forward in the best and most healthy way possible.



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